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Valerio Muscas     Regno Unito
French wines, Italian Wines, World Top Wines was founded in 2007 with the main objective of offering some of the greatest selection of wines and satisfy our customers needs with a great service, with safe and insured shipping all over the world by offering an incomparable value for money product and service.
With our acknowledge and passion we would like to transmit you the pleasure of having or drinking a great bottle of wine that you could easily order with a simple click on our site and we will be doing the rest for you.
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Valerio Muscas ha scoperto qeusto indirizzo 8 anni

Marco Carta     Regno Unito
Great wine suggestion!
Great deal... Just wanna say that I have purchased a great deal of wine from shoppingwines, including some 89 Haut Brion, 47, 48,49, 52 Petrus mis au negoce, Chateau Angelus 2000, Cheval Blanc 2004 and few other of a lesser known name and I have had a great tasting. All wines were in excellent conditions, and the tasting was simply amazing, thanks guys! I suggest Shoppingwines. Keep up the good work... Cheers.. Marco
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