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White wines : Carmignano DOCG

Established in 1994, Carmignanp is one of the most recent D.O.C. appellations in Tuscany. It belongs to those appellations that are called "a cascata", or cascade style, where from a single grape variety it is possible to obtain a number of different wines.

It is interesting to note that a D.O.C.G. wine, Chianti Montalbano, is also produced in this same area. The hills of Carmignano comprise Barco Reale, a vast territory that was once a hunting reserve. Today, Barco Reale is the name of a fine wine produced with Carmignano grapes. Very fine Vin Santo and rosé wines, once known here as Vin Ruspo, also have a place in the local winemaking tradition.

These wines are produced in an area that covers the municipal territories of Carmignano and Poggio a Caiano, at an altitude of no more than 133 feet. The terrain here is marly, schistose and clayey.
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Carmignano DOCG  

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Villa di Capezzana Trebbiano 2001
Villa di Capezzana Trebbiano 2001
Carmignano DOCG (Toscana, Italy)
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