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Rosé wines : Monferrato DOC

The Monferrato is part of the vast system of hills that extends from the Po to the southern limits of Piedmontese territory. It includes the Langhe and the Asti district. The district is above all a region of noble vineyards and truffles.

At Monferrato, the boundaries of several very important D.O.C.s and D.O.C.G.s intersect and overlap, causing some confusion. This is why the Monferrato D.O.C. was created in 1994 to regulate the traditional local varieties. It covers the hilly territories of 100 municipalities in the province of Alessandria and another 100 in the province of Asti.

Among the wines included in Monferrato D.O.C., Casalese Cortese deserves special attention. This is a fresh, perfumed white wine that is meeting with success on domestic and foreign markets vintage after vintage. Unlike other Monferrato D.O.C. subcategories, Casalese Cortese can be produced only in a limited area of 40 municipalities in the province of Alessandria.
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Monferrato DOC  

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Marco Bonfante - Monferrato Senso Rosé 2011
Marco Bonfante - Monferrato Senso Rosé 2011
Monferrato DOC (Piemonte, Italy)