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Marino is one of the best known wines of the Castelli Romani. It is produced in the district of the same name and in the territory of Castelgandolfo and parts of the communal area of Rome. A Grape Festival is held in Marino each year, at the height of the harvest. In the course of the celebration, the famous Fountain of the Moors, situated in the heart of the town, spouts wine.

The Marino is made from Malvasia Rossa, Malvasia del Lazio, Trebbiano Toscano and a small percentage of Bonvino and Cacchione. In components and proportions, the formula might appear to copy that of Frascati but in reality each wine has a different and distinct personality. Although the Marino vineyards border those of Frascati, they are oriented toward the nearby sea and the pedoclimatic conditions are entirely different from those of all the other Castelli grape-growing districts. The result is a more vigorous wine with a bigger body and greater intensity. And it makes a good accompaniment for the more savory dishes of Roman cuisine, including artichokes.
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Marino DOC  

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Di Mauro Marino Selezione Oro 2002
Di Mauro Marino Selezione Oro 2002
Marino DOC (Lazio, Italy)
RP  86
Dino Limiti Marino Campo Fattore 2000
Dino Limiti Marino Campo Fattore 2000
Marino DOC (Lazio, Italy)
RP  87