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Rosé wines : Collio Goriziano DOC

Enology has been practiced in the Gorizia area from time immemorial and, over the centuries, it has assumed great importance in terms of the district's economy.

Various ancient Greek writers mentioned a wine of the Gorizia area, which they identified as Adriano.

Much more information about the zone's wines has survived from the Middle Ages. In a letter, Cassiodorus talks about the regions of the Veneto, Gorizia and Istria as being relatively well-blessed. He says that Istria, above all, abounds in vineyards and fruit orchards.

The word Collio means hills and it has always been used in reference to the wines of the hills around Gorizia.

The hills originated in the Eocene. Since then, the slow wearing down of the sedimentary rock and the hand of man have shaped the landscape.

From the vitivinicultural standpoint, the Collio Goriziano is divided from the Colli Orientali del Friuli only by an administrative border, the line separating the provinces of Udine and Gorizia. In both districts, the soil is composed of marl and sandstone and the climatic patterns are not much different.

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Collio Goriziano DOC  

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Movia - Puro Rose 2004
Movia - Puro Rose 2004
Collio Goriziano DOC (Friuli, Italy)