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White wines : Colli d'Imola DOC

The Colli d'Imola was given a D.O.C. appellation in 1997, after a period of intense activities in the vineyards and cellars for its improvement. This has allowed these wines to develop a distinct personality that is very different from those of other wines produced in neighboring areas.

The area where the Colli di Imola D.O.C. wines are produced is to the south of the ancient Via Emilia highway. It includes the municipalities of Imola, Dozza, Castel San Pietro Terme, Ozzano Emilia, Borgo Tossignano, Casalfumanese and Fontanelice. The appellation covers eight different types of wine.

The first five - Bianco, Chardonnay, Pignoletto, Trebbiano and Barbera - are light and lively, and represent the merry, carefree character of the inhabitants of this area, where people are always ready to feast, dance and sing. The other three - Rosso, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese - are, on the other hand, thoughtful, tenacious, patient.
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Colli d'Imola DOC  

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Tre Monti - Ciardo 2006
Tre Monti - Ciardo 2006
Colli d'Imola DOC (Emilia-Romagna, Italy)
Tre Monti Salcerella 1999
Tre Monti Salcerella 1999
Colli d'Imola DOC (Emilia-Romagna, Italy)
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