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White wines : Gallucio DOC

Galluccio is produced in five districts around the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina to the south-east of Naples. Lava deposits, rich in microelements and potassium, make the soil suitable for the cultivation of grapevines and give the grapes an intense, fine aroma.

In order to exalt this characteristic aroma, the production of Galluccio is subject to strict rules and rigorous quality control. Only highly acclaimed, indigenous grapes - Aglianico for reds and rosés and Falanghina for whites - are in fact allowed. The quantity of grapes produced is also subject to strict regulations with a yield of only 9,680 lbs. per acre allowed for reds and rosés and 10,560 lbs. for whites.

Galluccio Riserva - a full-bodied red with a great bouquet that is at its best after at least two years of aging in barrels - is the best evidence of the great potential of these wines.
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