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Wines : Campi Flegrei DOC

This Campi Flegrei wine is produced near Naples, in an area covering the territories of seven municipal districts. The region is known for its rich, ancient culture, natural resources, and breathtaking scenery, unsurpassed even in other parts of Italy.

The volcanic soil here is the result of successive eruptions. It is tufaceous and rich in ashes, lapilli, pumice and microelements that give a distinctive taste and aroma to the grapes and their wines.

Falanghina - an ancient Campanian species of vine used to produce white wines - originates in this same region. It is grown ’’alla putuelana’’, or ’’Pozzuoli-style’’ - an ancient method whereby the vine was supported by an espalier, called ’’falange’’ in Latin.

Red wines here are obtained from the best Campanian grapes, like Piedirosso. Campi Felgrei is the product of the magical combination of a rich soil, excellent weather, noteworthy species of grape, and the region’s great tradition and history of winemaking, low-yield growing methods, and state-of-the-art wineries.

The relatively modern technique of bottle fermentation is also allowed in the production of a noteworthy Spumante Metodo Classico, which is well worth a try. This technique consists in remuage, yeast shocking, dègorgement and resting of the wine with the spent yeast for at least a year.
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Campi Flegrei DOC  

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Grotta Del Sole - Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei 2004
Grotta Del Sole - Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei 2004
Campi Flegrei DOC (Campania, Italy)