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Wines : Savuto DOC

The Savuto vines are a "continental" culture, they grow in well-ordered rows on the slopes that descend from the mountains to the banks of the Savuto river.

If the image and appreciation of the wine has never declined over the intervening centuries, its production has experienced considerable fluctuations, with highs and lows being determined by the vicissitudes of wars and political disputes as well as parasitic attacks that have decimated or even destroyed the vineyards.

In recent years, the market and connoisseurs have been taking renewed interest in Savuto. That has been due in part to the wine’s elevation to DOC status but also to a new appreciation of Savuto’s antique flavor. It is as well an extremely drinkable wine, which is unusual for a red produced in southern Italy.
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Savuto DOC  

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Odoardi Savuto 2000
Odoardi Savuto 2000
Savuto DOC (Calabria, Italy)
RP  88
Odoardi Savuto Superiore Vigna Mortella 2000
Odoardi Savuto Superiore Vigna Mortella 2000
Savuto DOC (Calabria, Italy)
RP  91