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Wines : Alezio DOC

The Alzio wine is produced in the Salentine peninsula in the extreme south of the region of Apulia. Output is concentrated in the area bordering the commune of Alezio, to the east of Gallipoli.

The wine is made almost entirely from the red Negro Amaro variety and has been produced for centuries. Negro Amaro is clearly the finest variety for the making of the rosé wines typical of the Salento. It is often vinified along with small amounts of Malvasia Nera to soften its flavor. The wine obtained from those varieties has varied tonalities, ranging from ruby red to garnet, and a flavor with a pleasantly bitterish vein. It is because of the strong tint of the wine and the black hue of its clusters that the variety is known as Negro Amaro, a derivation of the dialectical term ’’niuru maru’’.

Alezio is named for the community that is the center of its output. The town is located on the western side of Apulia on the Ionian coast.
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Mjère Alezio Rosato 2010
Mjère Alezio Rosato 2010
Alezio DOC (Apulia, Italy)
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