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Rosé wines : Côtes-du-brulhois

Surrounding the river Garonne, the Côtes du Brulhois terroir is made up of gravely slopes and planes. The soil is typical of all great vineyard terroirs, with a mix of sand and pebbles covering a layer of clay.

Situated mainly to the south of the river between Agen and Valence d’Agen, the vineyards cover an area of 312 hectares and benefit from a microclimate tempered by the presence of the river. Throughout the summer and at the beginning of the autumn the weather is mainly dry, and is perfect for the ripening of the fruit.

The vineyards rub shoulders happily with the surrounding cereal fields and orchards, notably the Ente plums, which are famous for their Agen prunes. The diversity of the soils is a source of balance and enrichment for the landscape.

In 1984 the recognition of the region as an "appellation d'origine" established the quality of the wines and the fervour of the Vignerons.

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Domaine du Pountet - Plaisir d'été 2009
Domaine du Pountet - Plaisir d'été 2009
Côtes-du-brulhois (Sud-Ouest, France)