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Rosé wines : Mâcon-villages

The Mâconnais extends over some 40 km of the Côte Chalonnaise as far as the Rock of Solutré. Lying between the rivers Saône and Grosne, its valleys and hillsides seem to make the vines welcome. The wines of the Mâcon appellation (which dates from 1937), whether red or rosé and whether made from Pinot Noir or white-juiced black Gamay grape are restricted to the « arrondissement » of Mâcon and 11 neighbouring communes. They may also (both reds and rosés) label themselves with the name Mâcon plus the name of their commune of origin.

In colour the Mâconnais reds range from cherry to dark ruby via deep garnet. The purplish highlights are typical of the Gamay grape. Aromatically, they develop accents of small red and black fruits (gooseberry, bilberry) blended with notes of underbrush, mushroom, fruit-pit and animal. As they age, they evolve towards prune and pepper. They are rich, vital, hearty, fleshy, spontaneous, joyous, and easy to like. While still young they may be a little stiff but they will soften and become suppler with time. Both the wine’s structure and texture are excellent.

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Demessey - Mâcon Cruzille - Les Avoueries 2010
Demessey - Mâcon Cruzille - Les Avoueries 2010
Mâcon-villages (Mâconnais, Burgundy, France)