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Red wines : Crémant de Bourgogne

Only whites and rosés qualify for the Cremant de Bourgogne appellation. They may be blanc de blancs (from white grapes) or blanc de noirs (from white-juiced black grapes). Most are classed as brut or, less often, demi-sec. The production area is the same as that for the Bourgogne appellation.

The Cremant de Bourgogne is a wine bursting with youth and audacity. Its freshness and vigour are a matter of general
agreement. The brut faithfully reflects its lively and clear-cut personality. As demi-sec or sec, vivacity yields
to smoothness and makes room for a new taste impression, that of sweetness.

The blanc is generally white-gold in colour. The bubbles are fine and form a delicate necklace around the edge of the glass. Floral, citrussy and mineral aromas are matched in the mouth by freshness and elegance plus a degree of acidity which is the key to a proper balance between aromatic power and the desired degree of lightness.

The blanc de blancs carries the perfume of white flowers, citrus fruits or green apples. With time, it will develop toasty notes and notes of pitted-fruits such as apricot or peach. The blanc de noirs exhales aromas of small fruits (cherry, blackcurrant, raspberry). In the mouth, powerful, long and persistent. Time adds charm and warmth, with aromas of dried fruits and, perhaps, honey, spices or nutmeg.

The rosé, made from Pinot Noir grapes with or without a proportion of Gamay, is pink-gold in colour. This is a delicate wine with subtle aromas of red fruits.

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