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Rosé wines : Graves

The Graves Appellation stretches for 50 km along the Garonne River southeast of Bordeaux and takes its name from its soil, a mix of stones and gravel, carried by the Garonne from the Pyrenees, over 500 km away.

The Graves terroir is without a doubt the best in Bordeaux for producing excellent, elegant and powerful white wines.
In the mouth, the Sauvignon adds liveliness, fruit aromas (boxwood, grapefruit, passion fruit, broom flower) and an elegant freshness. Sémillon rounds out the wines with its power, roundness and a different aromatic profile of white flowers, beeswax, acacia flowers or grilled dry fruit.

Red wines from the Graves wines are elegant and well structured and have a good ageing potential. These wines are supple, firm and rich, with notes of red and black berries (strawberry, raspberry and cassis), floral aromas (violet), as well as notes of resin and spices. Élevage in oak barrels also imparts chocolaty, vanilla and roasted aromas to these very sensual and elegant wines.

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Château de Callac - Prestige - Rosé 2004
Château de Callac - Prestige - Rosé 2004
Graves (Graves, Bordeaux, France)