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Red wines : Bordeaux

The bordeaux wines are blends of complementary varieties. In the red Bordeaux wines, blending is always a subtle combination of Merlot, which imparts round, generous and complex aromas, of Cabernet Sauvignon, which imparts structure, bouquet and ageing potential to wines and sometimes of Cabernet Franc, to add a touch of suppleness and elegance. Petit Verdot is also sometimes added, notably in the Médoc, to impart structure, as well as colour and aromatic richness. 
Most of the bordeaux wines are complex, aromatic, rich wine with a good tannic structure and a good ageing potential. Some of the Châteaux produce another type of Bordaux wines with another blend for their "second" bordeaux wines, which are fruitier, more supple, more affordable, and may be consumed earlier.
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