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White wine 

Tenute Rubino - Marmorelle Bianco 2010

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The winery : Tenute Rubino
Appellation: Salento IGT (Apulia, Italy)
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About the winery

The vineyards cover 200 hectares out of the 500 owned by the property. They are located along the Adriatic shore towards the Brindisi hinterland. The four estates form together a continent in miniature: wines with strongly different features are derived from the same grape variety implanted in different places, giving full expression to the territorial identity which so deeply characterizes the unique and unrepeatable organoleptic profile.

Two of the estates are situated a few metres from the sea, in a wonderful, breathtaking, natural scenario. The average planting density varies from 4000 to 6000 vines per hectare; the vines are trained in the counter-espalier system and pruned in spurred cordon. Yields per hectare vary according to each vineyard site and to each grape variety: from yelds under 50 quintals per hectare with maxima that do not exceed 80 quintals per hectare. In case of water stress the estates are provided with drop-irrigation system, projected to avoid humidity stagnation.

The agricultural procedures in Rubino estates are partly mechanized (ploughing, application of fertilizers, trimming and when strictly necessary, spraying) and partly manual (winter and spring pruning, thinning, grafting and part of the harvest).

A particularity is that most of the vine-workers are women in the respect of a long tradition of Salento that hands down their manual expertise and precision from generation to generation. The microclimatic conditions of the four farm estates of Tenute Rubino are the typical ones of the Mediterranean area characterized by 1000 hours more sun exposure than the annual national average. Mild winters and hot summers are typical of the South Italian seasons. Only between August 2000 and 2003 the temperatures rose above the average. Cool temperature during summer 2008 in the following vintage attenuated the overheating phenomena. Another important factor concerns the temperature range between day and night favoured by constant sea ventilation (Jaddico and Marmorelle) and exposure of the vineyards in Uggio and Punta Aquila estates on the Brindisi plain.


Consumer Reviews - Tenute Rubino - Marmorelle Bianco 2010

Caroline Henry  Vinoaddict - from 21 to 75 reviews    Hautvillers  (France)
Fresh and a little creamy
Dry fresh white wine with a hint of banana and fine pastry butter, good weight and ok length...
Tasting date : 03 Nov 2011
Maturity : Mature
Reviewed 4 years ago

Faye Cardwell  Vinofreak - from 76 to 150 reviews    Bruxelles  (Belgium)
*** Good 
Nice yellow fruit, peaches, apricots on nose.
Nice wine, good price.
Reviewed 5 years ago

Gren Shiz  Vinoaddict - from 21 to 75 reviews    Belgium
*** Good 
nice nose of summer meadow, honey, well balanced acidity, very pleasant wine.
Reviewed 5 years ago

Tenute Rubino - Marmorelle Bianco 2010 - United States

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