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Rosé wine 

Bohae Black Raspberry Wine (Bokbunjajoo)

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4 Star Rating
The winery : Bohae Brewery Co., Ltd.
Appellation: Korea. Republic of
Price range :  8.00 - 11.99 €   
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Consumer Reviews - Bohae Black Raspberry Wine (Bokbunjajoo)

Tags: #alexstriganov  #berrywine  #bokbunjajoo  #fruitwine  #raspberrywine  #semisweet 

Alex Striganov  Vinoaddict - from 21 to 75 reviews    Irvine  (United States)
**** Very good 
Pretty good berry wine from Seoul, Korea
If someone likes semi-sweet berry wines, he/she will enjoy this one. They call it "a legendary fruit wine with secret scent of ancient time in oriental society". Even if one prefers classic grape wines, it still worth to try this one to educate himself /herself, it definitely has something special and I would even say spiritual in it's taste and bouquet. #alexstriganov #bokbunjajoo #berrywine #fruitwine #semisweet #raspberrywine
  • Smallest bottle, front
  • Smallest bottle, back
  • History - small case 4 of 375 ml bottles
  • APEC 2005 winner
Tasting date : 29 Apr 2011
Maturity : I don't know
Alex Striganov has discoverd this wine. 5 years ago

Bohae Black Raspberry Wine (Bokbunjajoo) - United States

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