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White wine 

Sieur d'Arques - Ancestrale - Suave et Fruité

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The winery : Les Caves du Sieur d'Arques
Appellation: Blanquette-de-limoux (Languedoc, Languedoc-Roussillon, France)
Price range :  8.00 - 11.99 €   
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  • Salads : Tepid spicy sausage salad
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Vinexus - Infinity of Wine Duitsland    Vinexus - Infinity of Wine Duitsland
The cooperative winery regularly distinguishes itself in the production of blanquette méthode ancestrale, fruit of a rich tradition and savoire-faire combined with the best that technology has to offer. The bouquet consists of apple compote and honey with a hint of rose";" very delicate on the palate, this wine is reminiscent of cider, making it an excellent accompaniment for crepes with apples. Naturally sweet, still a mystery... According to the legend, in the year 1531, over a century before wine bubbled in Champagne Province, monks from a sleepy abbey near the French hamlet of Limoux invented the art of double fermentation. Although still mysterious the process is completely natural. The only elements entering into play are the sugar content of the Mauzac grapes at the moment they are picked and the climatic conditions. The must ferments until it contains 3 % alcohol. It must be bottled during the month of March, always under the last crescent or waning moon. This way the wine ferments in the bottle and reaches an alcohol content of 5,5 % - 6 % by volume. Soil type : Heavy clay / Limestone. Climate : Oceanic but tempered by the nearby Mediterranean. Harvest : Mauzac grape. Hand-picked. Soil selection. Vinification : Entire harvest is pneumatically pressed. The juice is clarified by cold treatment and the must is then fermented until only 100 g/l of sugar remain. At this point, fermentation is halted by drawing off the juice and putting it through several filtration processes. The partially fermented must is then bot-tled and a second fermentation then commences due to the increase in the surrounding temperature. Once a perfect balance of pressure, alcohol and sugar is achieved, the fermentation is stopped completely by cold treatment and the bottles are disgorged. Colour : pale yellow. New technology and treatments have enabled us to produce a clear wine while still embracing the original Méthode Ancestrale but occasionally some natural sediments may appear. Nose : Reminiscent of Reinette apples. Taste : Very crisp and fruity. Due to a combination of good acidity balance and sparkle together with a delicate natural sweetness it is very easy to drink. A slight sediment in the bottle is quite normal due to the natural and ancestral method of fermenting;

Sieur d'Arques - Ancestrale - Suave et Fruité - United States

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