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Red wine 

Tricardi - Amarone - Platinum 2004

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The winery : Tricardi
Appellation: Amarone Della Valpolicella DOC (Veneto, Italy)
Varietal(s): Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella
Price range :  12.00 - 16.99 €   
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Displays typical fruity fragrances of cherries and wild berry preserve, together with elegant hints of sweet spices and dark chocolate. Is a wine of great structure that is rich, rounded and velvety. Its displays a highly appealing full, fruity style, intermingled with refined spicy sensations.
Culinary suggestions: Ideal with roasts, game, braised meats and mature cheeses, boiled meats. Its ideal for making the risotto all’Amarone. It can daring match with raw or lightly seared red tuna.
Cellaring: 10 years
Serving temperature: 15° - 18° C / 59° - 64° F

Consumer Reviews - Tricardi - Amarone - Platinum 2004

Tags: #33pointscolour  #aged  #amarone  #barrique  #red  #valpolicella 

Alex Pintar  A first comment and you will be “Vinostarter” ; -) - 0 reviews    San Floriano del Collio (GO)  (Italy)
***** Excellent 
One of the top wines in our selections
Amarone is one of most ancient Italian wines. Already on IV century A.C. Cassiodoro, Minister of Teodorico, King of the Gothes was describing a wine obtained from a dried grape called "Acinatico" produced in the Valpolicella valley, whose name is believed to descend from the Latin words, valle- which poli-cellae which is meaning: valley-of-the-many-cellars. First Amarone wine however started to be bottled only at the beginning of the century and obtained the D.O.C. (Denomination of Origin Certified) on 1968. This wine has outstanding personality and subtle fascination: These regal characteristics put Amarone among finest Italian wines.

It combines 40 to 70% of Corvina Veronese with 20 to 40% Rondinella and with 5 to 25%Molinara. Other grapes such a Rossignola, Negrara, Trentina, Barbera and Sangiovese might be combined to a max. of 15%.
Grapes are laid on grates placed in attics up to January-February. This antique and yet traditional practice is drying the grapes thus concentrating the juice. Aging in oaks for at least two years will let Amarone achieve its particular dry, full body velvety taste.

Wine Characteristics
Colour: limpid, ruby with pomegranate reflections.
Perfume: bouquet of spices, cherries jam, almonds, tobacco and red skinned fruits with a very persistent smell finish.
Taste: It demonstrates intense, enduring, rich, dry, velvety, properly tannic hot body taste with distinguished quality and complimented by a rich bouquet..

Amarone is best exhibited with dame, rede meats, roasts, hearty stews, powerful cheeses. It is the basic ingredient for many famous local dishes as "risotto", "stufato", "pastissada" etc.
It is just perfect for meditative sipping. Drinking temperature around 18-20°C. Bottle to be opened at least two hours before or use a decanter.

Wine Data
Alcoholic contents: 16% volum.
Grapes: Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, Molinara
Bottle: 0,75 litre
Packing: 6 bottles carton #amarone #valpolicella #red #aged #barrique #33pointscolour
  • Amarone Tricardi Platinum
Tasting date : 17 Sep 2009
Maturity : Mature
Meaning on the maturity : The wine being a 2004 vintage bottle expresses fullness and aromas of this beautiful nation of Italy.
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Alex Pintar has discoverd this wine. 7 years ago

Tricardi - Amarone - Platinum 2004 - United States

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