About Vinogusto.com

Who we are:
Vinogusto is a private and independent company, whose aim is to promote the wine and its pleasures, inclusive oenotourism. With this objective, Vinogusto is working to offer the consumers the best information available to choose their wine and discover the world of wine, and the professionals the most profitable way of promoting their activity.

A community website where user share their experiences with their friends by mean of their own page where they publish wine reviews and opinions about the addresses they visited.

Some key figures: 
- 500.000 visitors/months
- 5 languages


Contact details:
E-mail: us[@]vinogusto.com
Postal address : 1078 Gruwell Place, San Jose, CA 95129, USA.
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Postal address : Vannypen street, 75, 1160 Brussels, Belgium.

Administration details:
Vinogusto SPRL - TVA BE889.923.431

For more info, please visit the Vinogusto blog.