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Owner : Jorba Batllo S.L.
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Presentation of the website

buyVINOS is an online wine, champagne, cava and liquor shop.

We have a great selection of Spanish wines from all regions, and we are specialist in Catalan "Cavas", thanks to our location. But we also have a selection of wines from all over the world, in particular french wines.

Curently we have more than 1000 references available, but we upgrade our catalog 
monthly with the most interesting new items.

The website has a filter and shopby options, allowing you to find your product easily and quickly.

We offer a quality service, delivering the orders always on time, with the products always in perfect conditions, because we store the wine in our cellar at a controlled temperature.

We deliver to all Spain in 48 hours, and the rest of Europe in 72 hours.