Miss Vicky Wine

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Owner : Anne-Victoire Monrozier
28 rue Milton 75009 9ème Arrondissement Paris
Paris  Ile-de-France, France   See the map
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Le Beaujolais Nouveau de Vicky
Beaujolais Villages (Beaujolais, France)
2013 **** Very good
Le Bordeaux Rosé de Vicky
Bordeaux (France)
2012 **** Very good
Les Vins de Vicky - Beaujolais-Villages
Beaujolais Villages (Beaujolais, France)
2012 *** Good
Miss Vicky Wine
Mâcon-villages (Mâconnais, Burgundy, France)
2010 **** Very good
Miss Vicky Wine - Beaujolais Nouveau
Beaujolais (Beaujolais, France)
Miss Vicky Wine - Beaujolais Nouveau - The New Born
Beaujolais (Beaujolais, France)
2011 *** Good
Miss vicky wine - Beaujolais-Villages Bio
Beaujolais Villages (Beaujolais, France)
2012  No score, 2011
Miss Vicky Wine - Côtes de Provence
Côtes-de-provence (Provence, France)
2012 *** Good, 2011
Miss Vicky Wine - Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire
Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire (Côtes-de-provence, Provence, France)
2011 ** Satisfying, 2010 *** Good
Miss Vicky Wine - Fleurie
Fleurie (Beaujolais, France)
2012, 2010 **** Very good, 2007 ***** Excellent
See all vintages and their points of sale

Latest consumer reviews about the wines of this winery

** Satisfying 
Nice pink colour, moderately intense bouquet. Too acidic in the mouth, something that even burns and lingers.. case of a bad bottle perhaps?
Reviewed 2 years ago

Flowery Fleurie!
What you can expect from a Fleurie wine is fruit concentration, terroir expression, minerality and some complexity, and this wine has all that. The tannins are silky and soft, it's very well balanced and with a long mouth feeling. Ready to drink now but still fresh for its age, it promesses another 2 years of enjoyment.
Reviewed 3 years ago

I was lucky to taste Miss Vicky Wine in Provence 2010 during London Wine Fair. What I loved about this wine is its personality. And you may think, but why? Well, because it's like Vicky, fresh, fruity, jammy, full of flavours and a little exotic, and when you drink it you want to have fun and enjoy, just as when you see Vicky.
So if you are thinking what wine should I drink to have a happy and fun summer, you should try Miss Vicky Wine in Provence, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! salud!
Reviewed 3 years ago

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