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Caves Aliança

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Rua do Comércio 3781-908 Sanghalhos
Tel : 00351 234 732 000
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Aliança - Baga Reserva Bruto
Bairrada (Beiras, Portugal)
Alianca - Escolha
Dão (Beiras, Portugal)
2007, 2005
Aliança - Particular Bruto
Bairrada (Beiras, Portugal)
2004, 2000  No score
Aliança - Vintage Bruto
Bairrada (Beiras, Portugal)
2008  No score, 2006  No score
Casa d'Aguiar
Beiras (Portugal)
2004 **** Very good
Caves Alianca Alianca Foral Grande Escolha
Douro DOC (Duriense, Portugal)
Caves Alianca Reserva - Quinta Dos Quatro Ventos
Douro DOC (Duriense, Portugal)
2006, 2002, 2001
Caves Alianca Tinto - Quinta Das Baceladas
Bairrada (Beiras, Portugal)
2005, 2003
Caves Alianca Tinto - Quinta Dos Quatro Ventos
Douro DOC (Duriense, Portugal)
Quinta da Dôna
Bairrada (Beiras, Portugal)
2004 **** Very good, 2003 **** Very good
Quinta Da Garrida
Dão (Beiras, Portugal)
2010  No score, 2009  No score, 2008 *** Good, 2007 *** Good, 2006, 2005 *** Good     see all vintages ...
Quinta da Garrida Reserva Touriga Nacional
Dão (Beiras, Portugal)
2005 ***** Excellent, 2004 **** Very good, 2003 **** Very good
Quinta da Terrugem
Alentejo (Portugal)
2004, 2002
Quinta Das Baceladas
Bairrada (Beiras, Portugal)
2006  No score, 2005 **** Very good, 2004 **** Very good, 2003 **** Very good
Quinta dos Quatro Ventos
Douro DOC (Duriense, Portugal)
2007  No score, 2004 **** Very good, 2003 *** Good, 2002 *** Good
T Quinta da Terrugem
Alentejo (Portugal)
2001 ***** Excellent
See all vintages and their points of sale

Latest consumer reviews about the wines of this winery

**** Very good 
Layers of fruit, very modern, surprisingly great freshness that temper the power of the fruit and turn the wine very pleasant and not boring. However this is not at all representative of the subtlety, complexity and character of the Baga variety in the Bairrada region.
Tasting date : 01 Dec 2011
Classified in a list 4 years ago

**** Very good 
Made with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Baga.
This is wine for food, it has good structure but it is not particularly dense, it shows great freshness, some vegetal hint, the tanins are ripe but firm. Classic, old-world, elegant and vinous
Tasting date : 01 Oct 2011
Classified in a list 5 years ago

*** Good 
Full of violet, fresh and smooth, this is an amazing value for day-to-day! I love it!
Tasting date : 01 Oct 2011
Classified in a list 5 years ago

**** Very good 
Still a bit closed, pretty austere, fresh and elegant, delicate tanins, this is great wine for fried meat like a meat fondue. Very good now but I'd keep it a couple more years in the cellar.
Tasting date : 01 Apr 2011
Classified in a list 5 years ago

*** Good 
Very floral scent, violet, the archetype of the Touriga Nacional in the Dão region! Full-bodied, mature fruit, delicate e fresh, medium aftertaste, the tanins are round but it requires food closeby.
Tasting date : 01 Sep 2010
Classified in a list 6 years ago

*** Good 
With the very hot year 2003 it shows even more the charachter of the Douro Superior subregion. Very mature fruit, plum jam, licorous sensation, good concentration, medium aftertaste. Pretty good in this kind of style.
Tasting date : 01 Feb 2009
Classified in a list 7 years ago

Presentation of the winery

Aliança was founded over 75 years ago, in 1927, by 11 associates headed by Domingos Silva and Angelo Neves, in Sangalhos, in the Bairrada´s Dellimited Region.

Since then the company started exporting to Brasil, Africa and Europe, being today, in Portugal and in the 60 countries to where 50% of its production is exported, a synonym of high quality wines, sparkling wines and brandys.

Aliança grew and got modernized, organizing itself in a group structure. Its strong bet in quality led the company to acquire Estates in the major regions as Alentejo, Dão, Douro, Bairrada and the Beiras, exploring around 500 ha of vineyards.

A profound work of reconversion and plantation of vineyards was done in these estates. This work is being developed by the Aliança technical team, in partnership with the “world Class WineMaker” Pascal Chatonnet.

The investement was made in the production areas and it also extends to the vinification level, with the installation of modern wine cellars and the constrction of a park of high quality oak barrels, for wine aging. This strategy is producing results, as we one can notice by the inumerous awards recently attained, either in Portugal or abroad.

The Estates:

 - Qinta dos Quatro Ventos
 - Quinta das Baceladas
 - Quinta Da Garrida
 - Quinta da Terrugem
 - Herdade do Barranco
 - Quinta D'Aguiar


Appellations : Bairrada, Alentejo, Douro DOC, Beiras, Dão