Music and Wine with Festival Melodia del Vino

The idea behind the Melodia del Vino Festival held from the 28th of June to the 8the of July, in Tuscany, is to open up several prestigious country estates to an audience of connoisseurs and fans and to bring them both delightful musical performances and a sample of excellent local wines. This is how the festival was presented at Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati by Cristina Scaletti (the Tuscan Tourism Councillor), Michel Gotlib (president of the festival) and Marc Laforet (celebrated pianist and the founder and Artistic Director of the festival and its twin event in France, Grands Crus Musicaux).

Each and every evening of the festival will be an event in itself. Some of the best musicians in Europe today will be performing (three have won Les Victoires de la Musique and one took the Premio Chopin in 2011). A variety of musical instruments will be played including the cello and piano, violin and piano and classical guitar. Flowing music will be accompanied by flowing wine as visitors to the festival will be able to sample some of the high quality wines from this region. The concerts will take place in four distinct locations, each of which will offer an equally distinct range of wines to taste.

Creating top quality wines and doing justice to a musical masterpiece requires the same dedication to perfection, the same sensitivity, the same desire for quality and a shared sense of beauty and elegance. Tuscany is famous the world over for its wines, its enchanting landscapes and its traditions- all of which make it the perfect place to host a festival which previously has only been held in France.

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