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Caroline Henry

Caroline Henry
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Cellar / wineshop  |  2013DH Haarlem  (Netherlands)
Great wines for under 20 Euro's
All wines at grape district are between 5-20 Euro's. They are displayed in categories - ie bubbly, light, mellow, rich, rosy, blush, smooth, deep and honey - according to the wine characteristics. Eg light - stands for an easy to drink fruity wine like a Sauvignon Blanc, or a Pinot Grigio. The staff is helpful and the selection of wine changes from time to time. They have a lot of the white, rose and bubbly wines cold so they can be taken home for direct consumption. Grapedistrict also sells online and has stores in other cities in the Netherlands as well #winestore #haarlem
Reviewed 5 years ago

Cellar / wineshop  |  2011 GE Haarlem  (Noord-Holland, Noord-Holland, Netherlands)
French wine specialist
Very nice shop, mainly focussing on small to medium size wineries from France. There are a few new world wines, and some wines from Germany, Italy and Spain too. The staff is very knowledgeable and very helpful. #winestore #haarlem #frenchwine
Reviewed 5 years ago

Bula Wine
Cellar / wineshop  |  Haarlem  (Netherlands)
New Zealand Wine Specialist
Bula Wine is THE New Zealand wine specialist in the Netherlands. Even rare wines from small wineries and older vintages are available here. Most of these wines are generally only sold on-premise so it is great to be able to buy the wine to enjoy at home as well. Most wines are available from the webshop as well #winestore #haarlem #newzealand
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Reviewed 5 years ago