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Caroline Henry

Caroline Henry
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Domaine Pierre Gaillard
Winery  |  42520 Malleval  (Loire, Rhone-Alpes, France)
Gaillard wine cellar
Gaillard was the first winery I visited in Cote Rotie/Condrieu/St Joseph. The winery is located just above the medieval town of Malleval, which is really pretty. In front of the winery are some grapes planted in the typical style if the region. The tasting room is small but cosy, and they are pretty organised giving you a book with all the technical details of the wines. Extra information was on the slim side and the person working in the tasting room did not seem too interested or knowledgeable on the fine details of the wines. The wines were great, especially the Condrieu l'Octroi 2009.
We had called in advance to make an appointment, but the tasting room is open every week day from 10 till 4. I would double check if visiting in August just to make sure. #tastingroom #stjoseph #condrieu #coterotie #winery #gaillard
Reviewed 3 years ago

Cellar / wineshop  |  2013DH Haarlem  (Netherlands)
Great wines for under 20 Euro's
All wines at grape district are between 5-20 Euro's. They are displayed in categories - ie bubbly, light, mellow, rich, rosy, blush, smooth, deep and honey - according to the wine characteristics. Eg light - stands for an easy to drink fruity wine like a Sauvignon Blanc, or a Pinot Grigio. The staff is helpful and the selection of wine changes from time to time. They have a lot of the white, rose and bubbly wines cold so they can be taken home for direct consumption. Grapedistrict also sells online and has stores in other cities in the Netherlands as well #winestore #haarlem
Reviewed 4 years ago

Cellar / wineshop  |  2011 GE Haarlem  (Noord-Holland, Noord-Holland, Netherlands)
French wine specialist
Very nice shop, mainly focussing on small to medium size wineries from France. There are a few new world wines, and some wines from Germany, Italy and Spain too. The staff is very knowledgeable and very helpful. #winestore #haarlem #frenchwine
Reviewed 4 years ago

Restaurant  |  Haarlem  (Netherlands)
Delicious antipodean fusion food!
I discovered this restaurant in 2009 in restaurant week and it is the restaurant I have visited the most since living in Haarlem - 6 times up till now! The cuisine is very new world, mainly focussed on South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, but generally dishes also have an asian twist. The menu changes regularly and very often Spekatakel has a special 3-5 course menu special often with the option of a wine pairing. The restaurant is owned by 2 brothers, the one is a chef and the other is front of house and sommelier. His wine knowledge is extensive and he really tries to get you the best wine (ie the wine you will enjoy most) with the dishes. I have taken several winemaker friends there and all of them have loved it!! The wine list is small - again it changes regularly - and is done in a very easy way - wines are put in flavour groups - eg light and fruity, full bodied, etc so it is easy for customers to make a choice. The service is excellent and I would highly recommend anyone visiting Haarlem to eat here. The restaurant is only open for dinner and reservations are recommended. #restaurant #haarlem #newworld #fusion #greatwinelist
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Reviewed 4 years ago

Spaarne 66
Restaurant  |  Haarlem  (Netherlands)
Cool place for an inexpensive meal with a good glass of wine
Spaarne 66 is located near the water (Spaarne) and a nice relaxed restaurant. They do a 3 course menu for 25 Euro's and the food is always good. They have a great selection of wine by the glass - my favourite at the moment is the Vino Verde - and have more wines by the bottle. Reservations are not needed but if there are a few of you I would recommend you reserve. #restaurant #haarlem #winebar
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Reviewed 4 years ago

Bula Wine
Cellar / wineshop  |  Haarlem  (Netherlands)
New Zealand Wine Specialist
Bula Wine is THE New Zealand wine specialist in the Netherlands. Even rare wines from small wineries and older vintages are available here. Most of these wines are generally only sold on-premise so it is great to be able to buy the wine to enjoy at home as well. Most wines are available from the webshop as well #winestore #haarlem #newzealand
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Reviewed 4 years ago

Winebar  |  2011 RD Haarlem  (Noord-Holland, Noord-Holland, Netherlands)
THE place to be in Haarlem:-)
When in Haarlem and in the mood for a realy good glass of wine - there is only one place to go - Viqh! The wine list is updated on a regular basis and they have a good choice of white, red and sparkling wines. As well as the regular list Viqh always has a few wines on special - which you can find on the black board.Some of my favourite wines at the moment are the Dorint Furmint 2009 and the Summerhouse Pinot Noir 2007.
There is plenty of opportunity to soak up the sun on the terras in the summer and the cheese platter changes regularly and is always delicious! #haarlem #winebar
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Reviewed 4 years ago